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There is no visitor on Leros that never have been to Panteli .Panteli is the place that on summer nights most of the locals and tourist will go for dinner at the seaside Taverns and Restaurants all famous for fresh fish and grilled octopus with meze. Panteli has kept its fishermen village character even during the summer when the tourist are there. Small and big fishing boats at the jetties with there nets .On the local cafes fishermen drinking ouzo or playing Tavli and talking sometimes a bit loud ,but this is common among Greeks. Panteli beach is the best playground for children ,most of them at summer spend the whole day at the beach swimming or fishing ,if you have small children be sure that very soon will join the local kids at there games. At Panteli you will find as well small markets ,post boxes and public telephones.If you are staying at Platanos ,Agia Marina or Vromolithos the walk to Panteli is less then 10 minutes.What is magic on Panteli is the view .Relax your self at a local tavern and enjoy the sea view with an ouzo or a retsina, that is what makes Panteli one of the most best spots on Leros.During August Panteli gets busy from many Greeks that arriving to Leros from Athens Greece and other places for the big holyday of Mary of the 15th of August

kafeneio panteli leros

children fishing on the jetty